Drone business | How to start several profitable ideas

The human being is a species that constantly evolves both physically, cognitively and socially in order to improve their quality of life. It is this need for constant improvement that has created this entire information and digital revolution in which the world is immersed today. 

Revolution that in turn has created an uncontrolled demand for products and services such as the internet and mobile phones. And such is the case of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), better known as drones. 

The creation of drones dates back to the 19th century when Tesla had the idea for a propeller-powered flying object . An idea that years later was improved by the English missile factories and later adapted for military purposes, evolving to what we know today and opening up many opportunities to start a drone business .

Thanks to their advanced technology, their discreet size and the ease of being remotely manned, drones are used in different industries to optimize and improve processes. That is why today we will share with you a list of 10 business ideas with drones. In addition, we will mention the general requirements and permits to set up a drone business.

How profitable is the drone business?

At a global level, the demand for services that drones can provide increases exponentially, since these technological devices have become a very useful tool for everyday and business life.

They allow you to minimize risks, monitor and control various processes, and collect data in hard-to-reach areas or in polluted environments. Added to this is the recent accessibility to produce and acquire drones and the more flexible regulations for their use in some countries in Europe and America. According to some studies, commercial applications of drones are expected to continue to grow, becoming part of the daily operations of industries such as agriculture, insurance and journalism.

Profitable business ideas with drones

It is more than clear that drones are here to stay and that their use is increasing in different industries. Therefore, it is key that you familiarize yourself with different ideas to start a drone business .

1. Surveillance and security

After military use, the use of surveillance and security is one of the most useful and indispensable services provided with drones . Thanks to its aerodynamic characteristics that allow to visualize the environment quickly and obtain data in real time. The use of remotely manned aircraft has increased for police purposes in some countries, since for a nation having high-tech elements that are difficult to evade is vital to maintain order and security schemes within social circuits.

The same has happened in the field of civil security and surveillance systems. Therefore, a drone business can also be executed by the companies that are responsible for maintaining and monitoring private entities . Or simply to monitor and improve the safety of residents of residential areas .

2. Event monitoring

For families it is extremely valuable to have a memory of the important events celebrated in the passing of their lives. As a result, the event registration and monitoring service is one of the highest in demand within profitable drone businesses.

The shots and photographic pieces that can be achieved with a drone are unique and show a very broad technological advance. This is thanks to the fact that many of them have HD cameras of different resolutions and recording in 4K format, allowing to have the classic memories in photographs and videos on a ground plane, to have aerial and zenith video and photography shots covering the entire event. .

This is a very popular type of business, since it is possible to cover everything from weddings, birthdays and corporate parties to concerts, sports competitions and other massive events. This undoubtedly represents a great opportunity in the market, whether you start your own drone event monitoring company or are looking to make alliances with established event organizing companies.

3. Aerial photography

For lovers of photography at an amateur or professional level, offering aerial photography services is a complete revolution in the medium, since the vast majority of photographic works that need to take captures at high altitude are taken from below. This often results in medium quality shots that do not cover all the details. Before the rise of drones, aerial shots were made from airplanes or helicopters, so acquiring this service was a real luxury.

The use of drones has made this service more accessible, expanding the market and allowing it to operate with greater safety and accuracy. So offering photography services with a drone will allow you to stand out in the market and give added value to your clients with an innovative proposal at a reasonable cost .

4. Audiovisual production

Without a doubt, two of the businesses that grew the most during the 20th century were film and television. The information revolution helped these two industries to improve the quality of the pieces presented to consumers. And the arrival of drones without a doubt meant an immediate evolution in film and TV production . The drones made it possible to optimize resources thanks to the ease of taking panoramic shots in a fast and controlled way.

So if you are passionate about audiovisual production, entering this market with a drone business can be very lucrative. You can offer your services for filming music videos, documentaries, commercial videos for TV, corporate videos for companies , among others. As you can see there are many options, you only need the equipment and a lot of creativity.

5. Agriculture

Working in the agriculture sector involves rigorous control of plantations and crops. So the demand for equipment and gadgets that can perform these functions is very high. This is where there is a great opportunity to start a drone business, offering services to help minimize risks in agriculture .

With a drone it is possible to monitor extensive fields of crops that require exhaustive control, managing to monitor different factors such as irrigation and the use of fertilizers and pesticides. As well as general surveillance to have a record of the behavior of the crop. This in turn will allow to improve and optimize the resources and the quality of agricultural production.

6. Real estate sales

When we talk about sales we all know that the best way to do it is by showing the best side of our products. This, of course, also applies to companies that are dedicated to the sale of real estate for which having a device that captures the best of their properties is very advantageous . Even more so if they manage to give a panoramic view of the entire area and its surroundings.

In this way, they will be able to improve the sales possibilities by offering a more complete experience to buyers, in which they can visualize in an effective and real way the social conditions and show the complete structure of the property.

A drone business idea specialized in real estate can be very profitable, as this is a highly exposed market with strong demand. There are many companies that are dedicated to the sale of real estate and that are looking for an innovative way to show their products.

7. Tourism

In tourism, the visual is key to selling, as potential customers expect to see the best of different destinations. This provides a great opportunity to set up a drone business dedicated to advertising tourist attractions, hotels, resorts, cruises, campsites, hostels , etc. And it is that the use of drones will help tourism companies provide a more detailed experience of the characteristics of the places and the services they offer. At the same time, it will provide a close idea to customers about what they can find at the destination.

As mentioned above in other ad service-based ideas, the unique catch sample influences the purchase decision . And the tourism sector is no exception, since a large part of its products are landscapes and natural resources of immense beauty. Therefore, the best way to engage your audience is through high-quality photos and videos.

8. Mapping and surveying

Thanks to its software and technology, the drones can take 3D captures for the creation of maps . They trace the areas more precisely and efficiently with their digital measurement systems.

This type of mapping is already forming an important part of the operations of agricultural, mining and construction companies. In addition, they work for flood monitoring, forest management and urban planning. And this results in a very profitable opportunity to offer these types of services in the field of surveying and mapping.

9. Drone rental

A drone rental business is a very attractive alternative if you have a large capital, since the initial investment is quite significant. This if you want to acquire several types of drones to meet different consumer needs. Before deciding to start a drone rental business, you must carry out a market study and investigate the different technical specifications of the machines in order to make the best purchase decision and acquire the most functional models to meet the demand in different industries and geographical areas .

The advantage here is that you are not focusing on a single sector but your target audience is all the people or companies interested in renting a drone . Whether for recreational, commercial or corporate purposes, which means that it is profitable to rent drones. Keep in mind that this business requires legal documentation to provide the rental service. As well as the payment of a policy or deposit by the client to ensure the life and care of the unmanned aircraft.

10. Fix and maintenance of drones

For this business you must have studies and training that allow you to correctly manipulate the structure of the machine. However, it is one of the most profitable businesses because the raw material is your knowledge and skills in repair and maintenance of drones.

This makes the investment less compared to other business ideas, since it is not 100% necessary to have a location. You can receive the equipment at your home or provide the service at home. In addition, the parts and parts that must be used for the repair and maintenance of different types of drones can be obtained from other damaged equipment.

Therefore, it is profitable to repair drones because the value of labor in this work is quite high, because worldwide there are limited people who are dedicated to this business.

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