How to Start Car Polishing Business

The polishing cars has become one of the profitable businesses with more success in recent years, this is due to the large number of cars per family there and how careful you are your own. In addition, it is a micro-enterprise which includes many things to do to the car, such as polishing, cleaning the upholstery, cleaning the engine, tires, etc. Which means much more profit and ensures that the business will run smoothly.

So if you feel like starting a profitable business, this is an excellent option to start. The good thing about this venture is that you don’t need to be a professional (although there are courses to improve yourself, if you need them).

As you may know, the competition in the automotive industry is often fierce, but the car polishing business is booming and it is not impossible to drive it to success as you need best car polisher for beginners , as long as you know a few key points, which we will give you next. 

How to Start Car Polishing Business

When looking at this business idea, it is very important that you know how to perform every step of polishing or cleaning the car, before you get your first customer. 

Many of the people who started in this business, have made the mistake of learning to polish or practice with the cars of their first customers. And that will only lead the business to bankruptcy and that customers are dissatisfied, and that they tell everyone the bad about their service.

Once you have learned how to polish your car, it will require minimal capital to get started. All you will need are the cleaning supplies, main tools such as: Polisher, vacuum cleaner, pressure washer, etc. Once that is achieved, you must undertake a marketing plan to make your business known. 

Internet marketing is one of the best options, you can create a website or simply a page on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network that helps you find customers. 

In addition, advertising on the internet will be much cheaper than traditional newspapers or banners. Another alternative is to wait for the traditional “word of mouth”, which your first customers will begin to recommend.

Car Polishing: Organizing the Business

The car polishing or car detailing business is a global undertaking. For this reason, in some countries it can work in different ways, one of the options is to have your own place or premises on the street, where customers come and leave their cars for polishing. 

But in other countries, it tends to work better by offering the service at home or perhaps doing it both ways. The good thing about offering home services is that you can have clients with fleets of cars, such as dealerships or business executives. You should choose the best option, conducting a preliminary investigation about this business in your country.

Business Profit

This is undoubtedly one of the most profitable business ideas today, this is because the supplies for this venture are very cheap and what you would be charging is more than anything the labor. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to grow and hire more staff. 

The most expensive thing for this business is the rental of premises. Besides, it must be borne in mind that not only will the car polishing service be offered, but it will also offer everything related to car detailing, such as the thorough cleaning of rims, upholstery, engine and lower bodywork.

What you need to start the business:

  • – Cleaning supplies or items.
  • – Place or a truck to transport the supplies (If you want to give the service at home)
  • – Water supply.
  • – Marketing plan (website, ads, etc.)

The good thing about this micro-venture:

  • Polishing cars is a recession-proof business.
  • The return on investment is high.
  • It is not difficult to master the business.
  • Success is almost guaranteed.
  • It is low investment.

The bad:

  • Getting your first clients can take time.
  • It is a business, which you have to have a lot of patience and dedication.

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