How do you choose a rust preventative?

Autumn is drawing to a close and winter is coming in leaps and bounds. We put away the summer carpets, take out the winter tires and… have an anti-rust treatment done? In Quebec, the question arises more than in many other regions of the world. Hot and humid summers followed by arid winter temperatures, salt on the roads and mud can seriously damage your body.

It is therefore important to seriously consider how to protect your car in order to maintain the best possible resale value.

A long history

Kurt Ziebart, the founder of the Ziebart company known in Canada as VitroPlus Ziebart, invented rustproofing for cars over 55 years ago. Over the past five decades, the Ziebart team has continued to develop its technologies to offer a diverse set of products and processes , tailored to the needs of its customers in terms of automotive protection and exclusive to Ziebart. There are VitroPlus / Ziebart franchisees throughout Quebec with more than 75 workshops.

How to choose an anti-rust?

So there is the question that kills. And yet the answer is so simple! There are basically two types of rust remover or by using best car polisher for beginners or permanent and annual.

A permanent rust preventative is a protection having two very distinct components, a black anti-abrasive coating and a paraffin-based coating. The anti-abrasive coating will not run over your paint when applied to the underside of your vehicle to form a protective barrier.

Zee Guard coating, on the other hand, is paraffin-based, does not flow and retains its texture for many years. It protects the structure of your car against the infiltration of water, mud and salt. In addition, the process developed by Ziebart has been studied for your car and targets the weak points of your body according to a charter specific to each vehicle, allowing the technician to ensure that each part of the body will be protected by the treatment.

Our anti-rust products are all guaranteed, customers are called upon, each year, to return to the workshop for an annual inspection to be carried out to ensure that all parts are still well protected. Thanks to the specific charter, we will target the parts of your car likely to rust and we will reinject the required coating, free of charge!

The annual rust preventative, Penetr-Oil, is a treatment that is applied to your vehicle every year and that, too, does not leak. In other words, no more traces of black grease flowing at the bottom of your body or in your driveway! This coating is applied to the body, underbody and frame of your vehicle to prevent the progression of existing rust while preventing the formation of new rust throughout the year.

To drill or not to drill?

The myth that drilling into a body is undesirable is false. Above all, we must see the advantage that this crucial step provides. Drilling a bodywork allows the technician to apply the anti-rust coating to places that would otherwise be inaccessible, ensuring the consumer to obtain optimal protection in the short, medium and long term. These holes are small in diameter and are then sealed with caps that bear the Ziebart seal, confirming the use of the product.

Keep in mind that if you refuse to have your car drilled, your rust remover will not be fully effective.

And why would I have to pay to have one?

Rustproofing is more of an investment than an expense. And to answer this question, ask yourself how long you want to keep your car. If we take the example of permanent rustproofing, it costs you almost $ 500 and guarantees total effectiveness for 10 years. So, if you want to keep your car as long as possible, it’s only an investment of around fifty dollars a year. On the other hand, if you change your car every two or three years, an annual rustproofing of a hundred dollars will be fine for you. It will protect you and ensure good resale value for your vehicle.

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