Easy and cheap trick to polish the headlights of your car

The spread of Covid-19 has forced the confinement of the population in many countries. This measure, which came into force on March 14 in Spain, has drastically changed the daily performance of citizens, altering their routines, habits and ways of relating.

Faced with this situation, many people have stopped going to their work centers because they can continue to carry out their activity from home and others have been directly affected when the businesses in which they are employed were closed. In the same way, there are no longer school trips nor other types of outings that would be usual in a normal situation.

However, this situation can have negative consequences for many people who are confined and who plan not to use the vehicle until the state of alarm has ended , which has already been extended for the second time and will last at least until April 26 .

The passage of time and the use we make of our vehicle are factors that have a very high impact on its operation.

As we have already explained, if you have the car inactive during these days it is necessary that you keep an eye on it and carry out frequent maintenance to prevent breakdowns from appearing after the alarm state. Keeping it in good condition is essential, but if you also have time to fix those components or faults by using best dual action polisher for beginners, such as dents in the bodywork, to which you never pay attention and are letting go, you will not only make your vehicle look.

for the better, but you will also improve your security and probably save you money in the future.

The passage of time and the use we make of our vehicle are factors that have a very high impact on its operation, especially on the bodywork and the different external elements of your car. This is so because these parts are the ones that are most exposed to environmental effects, shocks, scratches, vandalism, etc.

The vehicle lighting system is one of the most important safety elements in cars. It is not only used to see but also to be seen. Although it is very important to make sure that the lights work correctly, it is no less important to check that the headlights are in perfect condition, without the haze that usually appears over the years on the exterior plastic and that ends up reduce the effectiveness of lighting.

During these days, it is important that you check that all the lighting systems are working correctly, that they are placed at the ideal height and that we know when and how to use each of the lights. It is recommended that once a month you check each of the headlights and prevent them from failing at a bad time.

When the lighting is not enough, the driver’s effort is doubled and his eyestrain increases. Likewise, the risk increases since it is possible that other drivers do not detect us clearly and do not anticipate to let us do our maneuvers.

Another of the big problems we usually find ourselves with is that with the passage of time, the plastic of the headlights of the cars wears out , becoming cloudy to such an extent that sometimes they prevent the beam of light from passing completely. 

There are multiple causes that cause the deterioration of the headlights, although the main factor is the abrasion suffered by the grit, dust and other particles that are in the air, which scratch and wear them. The problem is further accentuated if the vehicle spends long periods of time outdoors, since solar radiation also alters the surface of the plastic.

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